Esetra IGT Rosato

Esetra White, Esetra Red and Esetra Rosato represent our first adventure in the I.G.T (Typical Geographical Indication) world, despite being wine producers for years.
Esetra has been our first chance to launch some “local” wine from a small forgotten territory to the wine market. In summary, it represents the continuous search for quality in grapes and wine so to restate their typical local taste. Zambrone, land of a long generation of farmers and winemakers, can still provide fertile soils and suitable climate to allow the growth of special grapes.
So, Esetra became our first descendant of a wine line that already existed here.
In particular, Esetra is for us one of the first aims we achieved though we do commit constantly improve. The label design gothers few symbols so much dear to our company: the sea, the sail, the sun, and the Scoglio del Leone, named after its shape as identifier of Zambrone.
Therefore Esetra is deeply related to our family, story and future desires.
This is well highlighted by the name itself: just try and read it from right to left!

Esetra IGT Rosato - Cantine Artese

VINEYARDS: located in Zambrone, Madama precisely. They have an altitude of 150 m. s. l. m., with a south-west exposure. The soil is composed by clay and limestone.

SYSTEM OF VITICULTURE: spurred cordon with about 5.500 plants per hectare.

GRAPES: Calabrese 100%

VINIFICATION: the harvest by hand is in the first ten days of September. A direct pressing of the grapes follows, then the must’s static decantation and the fermentation with selected yeasts. Finally the aging in stanless steel tanks.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: The color is cherry red, the aroma is of ripe fruits, red cherry and cranberry. The flavour is fresh and harmonious, persistent.

PAIRINGS: seafood, simple first courses



BOTTLE: 750 ml


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