Our vineyards are located in Madama, one of Zambrone district, in Calabria. They are located at 150 metres above sea level, with South-West exposure on Monte Poro coastal side, so looking out on Costa degli Dei blue sea.

The limy-clayey soil allows the cultivation of native grapes like Magliocco and Calabrese and of our main grape: Zibibbo. In 2017, we gave life to a new plant by including other local grapes, such as Gaglioppo and Mantonico, in addition to a small quantity of International grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Chardonnay.


We live in a land that is historically suited for wine production, although almost forgotten recently. Many interesting sources state that large quantities of wine were taken on board in Tropea port to be then traded in France, in 1800. However, this wouldn’t be a surprise, if we considered the ancient origins of vineyard cultivation in Calabria.
In fact, in 744 a.C. with the settlement by Greek population in Calabria, viticulture experienced an evolution thanks to some appropriate characteristics of our land: salty air, Mediterranean warmth and Greeks’ stunning vocation to viticulture. For this reason, they named Calabria “Enotria”, which means “Land of wine”. Moreover, in Ancient Greece, Calabrian wines were offered to the Olympic winners. So, we are the sons of a long, glorious history and we will commit writing new and exciting pages.