About us

Cantine Artese Tradizione

Our story begins with a deep love for viticulture which dates back to three generations ago and still goes on. A strong, common thread (endless guiding principle) that joins father and son forever. This permitted Cantine Artese’s birth in 2009, by Antonio Artese. Though Gregorio Artese have been cultivating a small vineyard and other agricultural productions since ‘50s. His loving care for nature, his vineyards and the surrounding landscape was easily passed onto his son Antonio, who then founded Cantine Artese. Antonio has always believed in a project made of lived experiences, constant updatings and in a dream shared with Gregorio in the past, and today with his sons too: to transfer cultural values through our wine.

The winery is located in Porto Salvo, while the vineyards lay on Madama hills, Zambrone, only 18 km far from Tropea, the Tyrrhenian’s Pearl.


Logo Cantine Artese

The logo outlines the sun and a sail, so much dear to our family, company and land. The sun lights up our vineyards while the sea mitigates them with its breezes. Everything creates the appropriate climate for the growing of Zibibbo and other local grapes. From our vineyards, you can enjoy the view of the Tyrrhenian Sea in all its shades. It’s blue stretches out until it mingles with the sky, especially in the warm summer days. You feel like you’re facing infinity, while the green vineyards turn into its frame.


Nature always knows how to surprise those who know to observe.

The origin in the history

The sun and the sail in the logo have another historic explanation. The sun symbolizes Zambrone’s historic vocation for agriculture as it was founded by farmers indeed. Also Porto Salvo used to be an agricultural economic core in the past, where people headed to looking for a job from the surroundings.
The sail has the same importance as the sea. Thus, according to sources, Porto Salvo was probably born near an ancient big port, in Trainìti’s area. Only few ruins are visible now so the current small village was probably build up by those sailors who retreated there during their journeys at sea.
The sail represents also Zambrone, a famous tourist destination actually for its crystalline waters. But historically it represents the sea as the heart of cultural and traditional exchange.
The sea also facilitated pirate and Saracen invasions.
So the whole production process of our wines is in Zambrone and Porto Salvo, both bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea along the Costa degli Dei, also called Costa Bella.
The wines we produce enjoy classification Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) Calabria.